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Intermarket Real Estate Group (“Intermarket”) has been working for over 15 years to include infill residential parcels (4.1 ha) in the City of Cambridge (“City”) Urban Boundary. This process has been frustrated by bureaucratic red tape. Intermarket appealed Waterloo Regional Official Plan Amendment 2 (“ROPA 2”), which was adopted by Regional Council in June 2018 and proposes to expand the City’s Urban Boundary to include certain lands, not including the Intermarket lands. This appeal is scheduled for a five (5) week Ontario Land Tribunal hearing starting in November 2023. A decision will likely be made within 3 to 6 months after the hearing and it is possible that there will be appeals of the Tribunal’s decision thereafter.

Through the adoption of Regional Official Plan Amendment 6, Waterloo Region has acknowledged the suitability of Intermarket’s lands for residential development by finally including them in the Urban Boundary. We ask that the Ministry approve the inclusion of Intermarket lands in the Urban Boundary as soon as possible. This would allow for the elimination of the costly five-week Tribunal hearing, free up Tribunal resources, allow for the release of fifty (50) hectares of land tied up in the ROPA 2 appeal process for development much sooner and permit housing on the Intermarket lands to commence as soon as zoning is finalized.

Please see the enclosed correspondence for further details and reasons in support of this request.