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The Minister should ensure the data collected under the proposed regulation is made available to the public in an open source, machine-readable manner to facilitate locally driven analysis and accountability. In the location where the data is made publicly available, the Ministry should provide summary information about legislated timelines applicable to assist with interpretation.

The Minister should also consider requiring municipalities to report the date of any required pre-submission consultation meetings required under section 22(3.1)(b), 34(10.0.1)(b), 41(3.1), 51(16.1)(b)) related to the planning applications listed in Appendix 2.

Delays between pre-submission consultation and submission for complete application purposes, as well as between complete application and decision, can be caused by a number of factors. Circulation to public bodies, receiving comments, providing comments to applicants, and receiving responses or revisions from applicants can all contribute to delays. The Minister should consider reporting requirements related to the response times of public bodies in response to required circulations and consider whether it is advisable for municipalities to report on the date it requested resubmission from applicants and received resubmissions (if applicable).