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The City of Brampton appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed changes. As Canada’s 9th largest city and the fastest growing of the 25 biggest cities, the City of Brampton recognizes the importance of using data to make evidence-based decisions. The data points outlined in the ERO posting presents an opportunity for the City to continue collaboration efforts with the Province to meet the goal of developing 1.5 million new homes by 2031.

The City’s business intelligence portfolio for development tracking has advanced significantly over the past two years. The City currently tracks and reports on several KPI's on a weekly basis (i.e., Total # of Applications Submitted, Total # of Residential Units Proposed, Proposed GFA of ICI Uses, Total # of Building permits Issued, Total # of Building Inspections Completed).

The City is confident it can report on the data sets identified for the Quarterly Reports, as most of these KPI’s are currently tracked, save and except for four data points noted in Table 1. However, the City requests further clarification on several data points requests for the annual reporting.

Please refer to attached document for specific comments on individual aspects of the requested quarterly and annual data sets.

City staff welcome the opportunity to have further discussion with your office on the requested clarifications.

Thank you.