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Thank you for his opportunity to speak into this great program

Couple comments :
- first is the year of trucks eligible to have dual fuel systems out on or "repowered" with natural gas engine
There is a great opportunity to do more trucks by changing the year of eligibile trucks from 2014 to 2010, and the main reason for this is because most trucks are still under warranty at this time and most customers may want to wait till warranty is off, mainly is the case of "re-powering" to CNG engines
- also, there are many trucks that now just sit because they are off warranty and nobody wants them because the diesels and aftertrearment parts are too exspensive to fix. These big expensive changes came in 2010, so why not give the option to change out engines and emissions controls on these trucks instead of them piling up in junk yards also allowing dual fuel kits to go on trucks that go back to 2010. Kits and tanks will have 20 life, so everything will then be on the road a long time

- another comment is on the amount of funding for natural gas A dual fuel kit will reduce almost just as much GHG's as 100%. Or close to 75% anyway. A heavy haul truck gets 4.8 miles per gallon and a averge class 8 over the road gets 7.5 - 8. So if we reduce the heavy haul diesel in half with a kit, that is Just as much diesel reduction as a regular class 8 truck pulling light loads So why can they get 75% of the max ?

- I also think it will be more attractive to bump up the amount of funding for CNG to 50% of the xtra cost to a max of $40,-$50,000
This will make the payback a little better for the end user

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