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Since when does the existence of wild life have anything to do with business. It is actually a lot of businesses who destroy the wildlife by continuing to ignore environmental protection laws or the biodiversity of the network of wildlife. Bees are considered critically endangered and they live in Canada as a whole and Ontario. If they can't pollinate we die. I suppose Doug Ford government made up of business with little value for the opinions of their workers, neighbors, or families. Make a buck continues to be their mentality with little respect for those who put them their. We, those of us with a conscience, wish to protect what we have and a mirror image of what is left, to our children, their children and future generations. How many of you have even taken the time to research how what you are considering passing will effect those animals who are already on the list of threatened. We have lost the Rhino, and are looking at losing the elephant, the leopard, the bees, the giraffe's, and even lions. Do any of you understand that in Ontario we are looking at the extinction of Blanding Turtles and many species of frogs. They are the protectors and cleaners of our waterways and they work together with many other animals to achieve that. When the Great Lakes become polluted worse than they are now and you continue with this madness, all those businesses you make a buck with, won't have enough bucks to clean those waterways up. There goes the recreational use of our Great Lakes, and your summer homes will be worthless pieces of real estate. But I expected nothing else from a group of governmental businesses leaders, who support only themselves. Here is an interesting statistic you may want to think about "If humans killed each other at the same rate that we kill animals, we would be extinct in 17 days." For those who survive though, at least they would have the potential of forming a government that is for the people, animals and biodiversity of our great province.