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Your have an obligation and responsibility to the people of Ontario to be environmentally conscientious to conservation Of OUR NATURAL HERITAGE AND WATER RESOURCE SYSTEMS.
How can you ignore the very well documented scientific evidence of how critical our healthy ecosystems, biodiversity is to sustaining healthy communities. Your total lack of 21st century environmentally responsible development is immoral and destructive to our children's right to Healthy Communities and our precious sacred right to protect Ontario's most valuable assets. THESE ASSETS BELONG TO ALL OF US and we demand that no further loss be tolerated when other more responsible development is available. We need our intact wetlands, waterways, ecosystems left alone, unaltered NOoffsetting is an acceptable alternative. WE HAVE LOST TOO MUCH to the wrong development and shortsighted greed not based on environmental best practices. WE ARE LIVING IN REAL TIME CLIMATE CHANGE please respect our right to conservation and ethical 21st century planning. YOUR LEGACY IS AT STAKE......seriously.