Development of the government response statement for American Eel under the Endangered Species Act, 2007

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Endangered Species Act , R.S.O. 1990
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Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
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Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
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December 12, 2017 - January 11, 2018 (30 days) Closed
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Update Announcement

This proposal notice has been updated to advise the public that this notice has been transferred from MNRF to MECP and is still under active review as of February 19, 2021. All comments received to date have been forwarded to MECP. The original proposal date and comment period have not been altered.

February 19, 2021

This consultation was open from:

December 12, 2017
to January 11, 2018

Proposal summary

We are proposing to develop a species-specific policy (government response statement) that outlines the actions the government intends to lead and support in the protection and recovery of American Eel in Ontario.

Proposal details


This notice was first published on October 12, 2017 for a 60 day comment period at Stage 2.

This notice was republished on December 12, 2017 for an additional 30 days to extend the commenting period.

Description of policy

The recovery strategy for American Eel contains scientific advice to government on what is required to protect and recover the species and was finalized November 22, 2013 (link provided below under Other Relevant Information). The finalization of this recovery strategy triggered the requirement to develop a government response statement.

When the recovery strategy was finalized, a policy proposal notice was posted under Environmental Registry #012-0405 to solicit input about the goals and actions the Government of Ontario should consider in the development of a government response statement for American Eel. The comments received and the recommendations contained within the recovery strategy were considered in the development of the proposed government response statement. The preparation of this government response statement required additional time given the complexities associated with the species and the range of stakeholders involved.

The purpose of this new notice is to invite the public to review and comment on the proposed government response statement. The government response statement will provide the government’s goal for the recovery of the species and a summary of the prioritized actions the Government of Ontario intends to take and support in response to the recovery strategy. Comments received will be considered in finalizing the government response statement. Please reference Environmental Registry number 013-1476 in your comments.

Purpose of policy

The purpose of this notice is to inform the public that a draft government response statement has been drafted for American Eel and to seek feedback on the draft government response statement.

Other information

The following web-links provide additional information about this notice:

Public consultation

This proposal was posted for a 30 day public review and comment period starting December 12, 2017. Comments were to be received by January 11, 2018.

All comments received during the comment period are being considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry.

Please Note: All comments and submissions received have become part of the public record.

Other public consultation opportunities

Stage 2

The comments received from the Stage 1 posting (#012-0405), the recommendations contained within the recovery strategy, recent science and monitoring information, and additional input received through engagement with stakeholders and Indigenous communities were considered in the development of the proposed government response statement.

The public is invited to provide feedback and submit comments on the draft government response statement for American Eel.

Comments must be submitted by January 11, 2018 and can be submitted through this Environmental Registry notice or through the following methods:

  • By email at
  • By fax at 705-755-5483
  • By mail at:

    Recovery Planning
    c/o Fiona McGuiness
    Senior Policy Advisor
    Species Conservation Policy Branch
    Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    300 Water Street, 5N
    Peterborough ON K9J 8M5

Supporting materials

View materials in person

Important notice: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, viewing supporting materials in person is not available at this time.

Please reach out to the Contact listed in this notice to see if alternate arrangements can be made.


Commenting is now closed.

The comment period was from December 12, 2017
to January 11, 2018

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