Consultations on the More Homes for Everyone Plan

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This notice is for informational purposes only. There is no requirement to consult on this initiative on the Environmental Registry of Ontario. Learn more about the types of notices on the registry.

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The government is seeking feedback on potential legislative changes, policy and other matters to make it easier and faster to build all types of homes for Ontarians as part of the More Homes for Everyone Plan.

Why consultation isn't required

The purpose of this notice is to provide information on consultations regarding potential legislative changes, policy and other matters as part of the More Homes for Everyone Plan. Further details on the consultations and how to provide feedback can be found in each of the listed postings.

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Ontario is the best place to live, start a business and raise a family – but we can only build on our success if all Ontarians and their families are able to find a home that’s right for them. The province’s housing policies are working to get more homes built faster, but too many Ontarians still struggle to find a home. We are introducing More Homes for Everyone, that proposes targeted policies for the immediate term that make housing fairer for hard-working Ontarians and make it faster to build the homes that families need and deserve. 

Addressing the housing supply crisis is a long-term strategy that requires long-term commitment and co-ordination from all levels of government. 

The Task Force report is our long-term housing roadmap. Similar to Ontario’s approach with regular Red Tape Reduction bills, the province is committed to implementing the Task Force’s recommendations with a housing supply action plan every year over four years, starting in 2022-2023, with policies and tools that support multi-generational homes and missing middle housing. 

We welcome your thoughts on the following changes proposed under Bill 109, the proposed More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022, which, if passed, would help make housing fairer for hard-working Ontarians and make it faster to build the homes that families need and deserve.  

Environmental Registry of Ontario Postings:

Regulatory Registry Postings:

The government knows there is still more to do to increase housing supply. We’re also building on our progress with a series of upcoming consultations and invite members of the public, municipal partners, and other stakeholders to share your thoughts and ideas on the following:

Protecting the Greenbelt remains a key priority, and the government has recently launched the next phase in its consultation on Growing the Greenbelt. For more information on these proposals, please visit Proposed Amendment to the Greenbelt Plan - Growing the size of the Greenbelt and where you will find information including the proposed amendments to Greenbelt Plan Schedules 1, 2 and 4, proposed mapping amendments to the Greenbelt Area boundary regulation (O. Reg 59/05) and interactive mapping displaying the proposed URV additions at various scales.

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