Environmental Assessment Act Exemption to Support Bombardier’s New Manufacturing Facility

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Environmental Assessment Act, R.S.O. 1990
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Update Announcement

We have updated this notice on August 8, 2022 to provide a hyperlink to the filed regulation

August 8, 2022

Bulletin summary

We have made an exemption regulation under the Environmental Assessment Act which eliminates a 30-day waiting period before the Derry Road East and Alstep Drive road improvements project in the Region of Peel can be implemented. This decision will allow the road construction project to move forward faster to improve traffic safety and traffic flow.

Why consultation isn't required

Under the Environmental Assessment Act, a person is prohibited from proceeding with a project that is subject to a Class Environmental Assessment for at least 30 days following the end of the comment period specified in the Notice of Completion. This prohibition is set out in subsection 15.1.1(5) of the Act.

The 30-day waiting period set out in subsection 15.1.1(5) of the Act provides the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks with an opportunity to consider exercising their authority to act on their own initiative to issue a section 16 order. In a section 16 order, the Minister may impose conditions in addition to the conditions of the relevant Class EA or ‘bump up’ a project by requiring the preparation of an Individual Environmental Assessment.

The ministry has reviewed the Class Environmental Assessment project documentation for the Derry Road East and Alstep Drive road improvements project. The Minister is satisfied with the Class EA process that has been carried out for the project and does not intend to use the 30-day waiting period to issue a section 16 order on his own initiative.

Therefore, exempting the project from the 30-day waiting period requirement will not have a significant impact on the environment and the minimum 30-day comment period set out in subsection 16(1) of the Environmental Bill of Rights does not apply.

Bulletin details

Bombardier, the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel (the proponents) have completed the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for their Derry Road East and Alstep Drive road improvements project. A Notice of Completion was issued on July 14, 2022, with a 45-day comment period which concludes on August 27, 2022.

We heard from the proponents that waiting an additional 30 days, until late-September 2022, to begin implementing the project would cause critical delays to the planned phased construction for the road improvements project that will improve traffic safety and traffic flow. A disruption to the phased construction schedule would result in undesired construction-related traffic impacts and would impact Bombardier’s ability to smoothly transition into its new manufacturing facility in August 2023. Bombardier’s new facility is located at 1890 Alstep Drive in Mississauga, near the Toronto Pearson Airport.

The regulation that has been made exempts a person from ss. 15.1.1 (5) of the Act with respect to the project. The exemption does not apply with respect to changes to the project.

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