Collection, management and improved utilization of smart metering data for behind-the-meter distributed energy resources

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January 17, 2023
to March 3, 2023

Proposal summary

The Ministry of Energy is seeking input on a proposal that would enable the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Smart Metering Entity (SME) to collect, process, manage and improve utilization of bi-directional smart metering data through the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R).

Proposal details

Bi-directional smart meters measure both the amount of electricity a customer consumes from a distributor’s distribution system and the amount of electricity a customer sends to a distributor’s distribution system from generation or energy storage systems installed behind a customer’s meter.

Enabling the SME to collect and manage bi-directional data from Ontario’s smart meters would support billing and settlement of customers with behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, such as net-metered customers with rooftop solar, and would facilitate customer choice and opportunities for innovation and integration of customer-sited distributed energy resources in Ontario’s electricity sector.

Proposal context

The SME is responsible for the operation of the MDM/R, Ontario’s central repository for smart metering data. In accordance with its objectives, as defined under the Electricity Act, 1998, the SME uses the MDM/R to collect, manage and store information and data related to the metering of consumers’ consumption or use of electricity in Ontario.

The SME conducts validation, estimation and editing and converts the raw smart metering data collected through the MDM/R into Time-of-Use or Tiered Pricing quantity data, which is returned to local distribution companies for billing purposes. The SME also uses the validated electricity consumption data for ongoing and ad hoc reporting to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), the IESO and other qualified third parties (as per OEB decision EB-2018-0316). The MDM/R collects and processes data from over 5.1 million smart meters in Ontario from Regulated Price Plan customers (primarily residential and small business customers).

Ontario’s IESO has been designated the SME by the Government of Ontario and operates under licence from the Ontario Energy Board. O. Reg. 393/07 (Smart Metering Entity) provides the SME with exclusive authority to process consumption and use data from smart meters for the purposes of producing billing quantity data for local distribution companies. This includes validation, estimation and editing services of smart metering data in a consistent manner for all Ontarians, along with analytical products and services.

The Ministry intends to propose regulatory changes that would facilitate the SME’s collection and management of bi-directional smart metering data, in addition to its current activities related to the collection and management of consumption data from smart meters. Proposed regulatory changes could include amendments to regulations such as O. Reg. 393/07, and if required the Electricity Act, 1998.

These changes would, if approved:

  • support customer choice by making it easier for local distribution companies to comply with the requirement to offer all Ontario Regulated Price Plan customers, including net-metered customers, access to Time-of-Use price plans such as the new Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan (when available)
  • improve availability of energy data by enabling access to a more comprehensive smart metering data set that would facilitate advanced analytics, system planning, forecast modelling, policy development, and assessment of new pricing models
  • facilitate innovation and support distributed energy resources integration within Ontario’s electricity system, including exploration of distributed energy resources market participation models under IESO’s Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap, by leveraging Ontario’s existing smart metering infrastructure and investments

Input and feedback

To inform development of the Ministry’s proposal, the Ministry is seeking input from individuals, businesses, and other organizations, including local distribution companies, on its approach to enabling the SME to collect, process and manage bi-directional smart metering data. This may include information on the following:

  • benefits and other considerations associated with collection and use of bi-directional smart metering data through the MDM/R in the context of Ontario’s electricity system and supporting innovation and distributed energy resources integration
  • costs and other impacts to local distribution companies related to updating their customer information systems, metering, billing practices and other activities as a result of the proposed changes; and
  • considerations related to decisions about the SME having exclusive authority in respect to bi-directional smart metering data for the purposes of collecting and managing billing quantity data for local distribution companies

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The comment period was from January 17, 2023
to March 3, 2023

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