Mapping Updates to “Size and Location of Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe” (2008)

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Places to Grow Act, 2005
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Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
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Exception summary

The Minister has updated mapping for the Downtown Barrie Urban Growth Centre contained in the 2008 policy document “Size and Location of Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.” This notice is related to ERO#019-5530.

Why consultation isn't required

Proposed changes to the Downtown Barrie Urban Growth Centre were included in the ministry’s consultation on the City of Barrie’s adopted Official Plan at the time of the posting for public consultation on the Environmental Registry in September 2022 and December 2022 for 30 days (ERO#019-5530).

The ministry is posting this notice of exception pursuant to subsection 30(1) of the Environmental Bill or Rights as the environmentally significant aspects of the proposal have already been considered in a process of public participation under the Environmental Bill of Rights.

Exception details

A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2019 (A Place to Grow) defines urban growth centres as “existing or emerging downtown areas” shown on Schedule 4 of A Place to Grow and as further identified by the Minister in 2008, in the policy document “Size and Location of Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe”.

A Place to Grow policy b) provides for the Minister to identify, establish or update the size and location of urban growth centres.

The City of Barrie’s new Official Plan proposed the following general changes to the City’s urban growth centre:

  • to add additional lands within the urban growth centre and align the mapping with existing roads, and
  • to remove lands at the south end from the urban growth centre and identify a major transit station area around the Allandale Waterfront GO station.

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