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   I am writing on behalf of our client, Activa Holdings Inc. (Activa).  Activa has asked that we review the draft Regional Natural Heritage System as it relates to its lands located in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

  I have attached a plan which identifies the draft Regional Natural Heritage System, lands owned by our client, as well as the limits of the approved Urban Area (Settlement Area).  I have also attached excerpts from the Regional Official Plan for the Region of Waterloo, as approved with modifications by the Ontario Municipal Board on June 18, 2015.  The excerpts include Map 3a (Urban Area) and Map 7 (the Countryside).  Please note approval of the Regional Official Plan including the extent of the Urban Area was supported by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in a letter dated June 12, 2015.  This letter is also attached.

  In reviewing the attached maps, you will note the Province’s proposed Natural Heritage System relates to lands that are within the Region of Waterloo’s designated Urban Area (Settlement Area).

  Growth Plan Policy provides that:

  “The Province will map a Natural Heritage System for the GGH to support a comprehensive, innovative, and long term approach to planning for the protection of the Region’s natural heritage and biodiversity.  The Natural Heritage System mapping will exclude lands within Settlement Area boundaries that were approved and in effect as of July 14, 2017.”

  In consideration of Growth Plan Policy, we ask that you amend the proposed Natural Heritage System Map by deleting the Natural Heritage System designation identified for our client’s lands that are located within the approved Urban Area of the Region of Waterloo.  The Natural Heritage System Map should also be amended to more accurately show the extent of the approved Urban Area (Settlement Area).

  We thank you for your consideration and we will follow-up with you to discuss this request.

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