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   The map is a little difficult to interpret so I look forward to consultation sessions to assist in this regard.

  I agree generally with the principles but require more information in a session or sessions will required.

  On criteria for composition and size of core areas and linkages this is subjective, for myself who lives in a rural area of southern Ontario I see how encroachment and human pressure has taken up land from that perspective.  One in n urban area might see this fact differently and their understanding of criteria may be much different.

  I agree that there should also be consideration for smaller core areas to acknowledge the highly fragmented areas.

  The automated approach seems logical.

  So from my perspective how does this plan coordinate itself with the municipalities and their intended growth objectives?  When one observes the map any species movement is isolated to the Toronto ravines for instance with no access/movement opportunity above Toronto.  Durham appears a no-man's land!  How does one assure that the municipalities are plugged into this?

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