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   We have the following concerns regarding the proposed natural heritage system:

 - Township mapping is an inaccurate data source for natural heritage identification.  Creating a natural heritage delineation based on an Environmental Protection map reflecting outdated forest cover mapping is not reliable

 - Natural heritage mapping should not include prime agricultural areas. The inclusion of prime agricultural lands results in additional costs to farmers to justify food production crop activities that should also be protected and enhanced. The protection of a continual natural heritage feature should be directed to the rural portions (CLI class 4-7 lands) of the Province

 - up to date aerial photography reflecting reclaimed lands may be useful in determining the size of natural heritage features opposed to outdated Township zoning/OP layers.

  Please provide us a digital copy of any updates to the natural heritage system  methods and mapping.

  A larger scaled map would be useful in determining the accuracy of criteria applied.  Based on the scale of mapping provided and recent aerials, it appears that the cluster north-west of New Lowell, Clearview Township may not meet the criteria.

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