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   I endorse the findings as presented within the background materials for the NHS within the GGH. A well-defined, systems-based  land use policy is required for this fast growing region of the province. A resilient natural system base is required on which other social and economic endeavour may occur. With this in mind, future alterations to legislation/policy framework, etc. should include river valley areas throughout all municipalities (the outer-ring municipalities included).

  A minor point is noted. There is an inconsistent mapping base delineation for water and riverine systems in some areas. For example Belwood Lake is illustrated as a water system but Guelph Lake is not. This could cause system definition or interpretation confusion.

  My opinion on this subject has been derived from years of service in the municipal sector in the GGH, participation in a regional technical session on the NHS material, and review of the technical background report for the system plan.

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