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I am aghast at the actions of Ford and the OPC government to reducing the safety and protection of the environment in this province. These are changes that do not benefit any of the residents of the province, and will have long-lasting ramifications in reducing the quality of life in the Province for centuries to come.

I beg the PC party to refuse to pass this bill - it will destroy our Province and remove some of the only good things that actually allow us to attract outside investment, talent and jobs: our environment, safety standards and quality of life.

This is frankly disgusting, and I will never vote for the PC party again unless you start actually listening to real people and not just developers in back room meetings. Have some integrity. There are generations of Ontarians depending on you not ruining Ontario's future. Withdrawing this bill is a start.

All PC members who vote for this should be embarrassed at their lack of forward thinking and their missing integrity.