Please do not exempt any…


Please do not exempt any municipalities from the ministerial comment on whether growth can occur within current Green Belt designations. This is purely a political gain to blame municipalities for eventual Green Belt development intrusion and a deferment of provincial your responsibility.

You modified your platform quite rapidly the last election when it was proposed that the Green Belt be opened up. The will of the people do not want this type of growth and you acknowledged that by reversing your platform. Please stand tall behind the principle of this reversal and not implement a deferment of responsibility to the municipality.

We do have a housing and an affordability issue in Ontario. Why does it need to be solved by the low hanging fruit option of urban sprawl? Build up, not out and incentify the repurpose of land within existing urban designations. Incentify developers and municipalities to incorporate purpose build and primary rental accommodation.

Until we stabilize population growth and have per capita GDP growth, both the housing affordability and environmental issues will be ever growing.

Thank you for listening.