Bill 66 that removes…


Bill 66 that removes controls on many important environmental regulations and opens up the Greenbelt to industrial and commercial development. This bill is a gift to developers and Doug Ford’s insider friends – at the expense of the rest of us.

Doug Ford is taking Ontario backwards by cutting rules that keep drinking water safe, protect our natural environment and ensure our cities and towns grow smartly and by design. By opening up the Greenbelt Doug Ford is jeprodizing our natural environment and undermining the agricultural communities within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. There are many existing lands, particularly brownfield sites, across the region where investment is needed and wanted. The province should be encouraging investment in these areas but instead Doug Ford is siding with developers to punch holes in our Greenbelt and other protected areas.

Andrea Horwath and Ontario New Democrats fully oppose Bill 66 and agree that the municipal planning loophole Doug Ford is proposing will threaten our environment, farmlands and drinking water. The Ontario NDP Caucus will keep fighting against Bill 66 to ensure our Greenbelt is protected, our drinking water is safe and our farmlands do not become a casualty to sprawl.