Dear reader, Please ensure…


Dear reader,

Please ensure that the Urban Growth Center in the city of Burlington, that which is the downtown core, continues to undergo major intensification and meets higher density targets. The new mayor and city council - all of whom were supported by the new mayor in her propaganda filled mayoral campaign, are fighting to essentially stagnate growth in the Urban Core to please the senior citizen residents who live in the few streets around the downtown area who largely supported the views of the new mayor.

The City needs a vibrant and exciting downtown core, with restaurants, cafe's, art galleries. If you walk downtown Burlington on any night of the week during winter or the summer, after 9pm, you won't find more than 20 people walking around enjoying the nightlife. The city needs intensification and density in The Urban Core despite the best efforts of the new mayor and her cronies - the new council - which she advocated heavily for during the latest municipal election ousting long standing council members who understood processes and how to build a strong, smart and wealthy city.

One of the Mayors firsts acts - was to fire the city planner.

Please, provincial government - ensure the Burlington's Urban Growth Center undergoes major intensification and higher density targets are hit thus creating a vibrant and luxurious downtown - which will assist in reducing traffic (because people can walk to and from destinations within the core which they live) and attracting successful corporations to invest in our employment lands.

The views above represent my personal opinions only.
Thank you for reviewing my comment and taking a moment to read my submission.