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This is the right approach that is long overdue.

Species classifications should be reviewed. For example:

Bald eagles - are common in northern Ontario but more limited in numbers in the south. Perhaps this listing can be adjusted

Algonquin wolf - the science behind this is questionable and limiting coyote harvest as a result is counterproductive because the largest threat to the Algonquin wolf is inbreeding with coyotes not human harvest

Cougar - The eastern cougar is extinct in Ontario and the western cougar is migrating east as the coyote did before it. Creating a recovery plan for cougars is ridiculous.

American ginseng - this plant is common and this listing causes harm to farmers trying to ship cultivated product.

There are many Carolinian species that are listed which have a limited range in Ontario, and always have had. They have survived along with humans, farming and tree harvest. In fact, some of them need young forest habitat to survive, which is discouraged by the plans for others. Other species are endangered and do need a plan to protect them.

Also, the committee should not have final say on listings without ministerial approval. At the federal level, the minister has the final say for all listings. Perhaps this system should be adopted to slow people with an agenda on the committee.