I strongly support the…


I strongly support the extension of Section 55 ESA regulation as it is certainly a good first step. However since we have been advocating for the past few years for a 5 year extension instead of just 2 , I wish to ask for that again as it will be more beneficial to forest companies knowing they can count on this and invest more in Northern Ontario economy -especially in Northwestern Ontario where our town is situated and depends so much on the forest industry for our economy. Five years means more than just two to all of us. I also advocate for a multi-stakeholder panel including municipalities, first nations and forest companies to be established to provide crucial oversight and to arrive at a proper solution for the ESA. The forest industry needs to do well in the days ahead so we can have good paying jobs in our town a nd throughout all of Ontario. A proper analysis and solution is necessary for thousands of jobs in our great province.

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