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I have worked with Ontario's aggregate industry for nearly 30 years, as a former MNRF Aggregate Inspector and as a professional consultant. I am so very pleased that government finally is seeing fit to make the changes you have outlined in your general summary. I sincerely hope they are passed and that more are still to come. For the political leadership behind this effort, you are on the right track! Keep going. However, a word of warning. Having had extensive experience both in and out of government, and understanding, in detail, how the aggregates program is delivered, be warned: the devil is in the details. Closely examine the associated policy and procedures that your civil servants will create around these changes. The current talent pool of advisors and policy makers is very shallow, filled largely with young, inexperienced staff, in an acting position, who are ideally more suited for a career in Greenpeace. Broad, streamlining changes and removing inefficiencies are super goals, but should the unionized bureaucracy succeed in sustaining their jobs by "watering-down" your streamlining efforts, via unchanged policy and procedures, then you will have accomplished nothing. This is a good start. There is so much work to do. Keep going. Of course ensuring that the streamlining efforts will succeed requires substantial communication to and, for some, possible re-training of those Aggregate Inspectors who deliver the program. You have much to do in this regard. In my direct experience, many are young staff, improperly (if at all) mentored, with either a fear of using or a completely lack of common sense. This is a key aspect of program delivery and will very much make your proposed changes sink or swim. Well done.