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I live in Oro-Medonte. When I travel the rural roads there are many trucks hauling aggregate.
When I travel Hwy 11 there are many trucks hauling materials. I often do not feel safe when the trucks race by over the speed limit. Many trucks have a second trailer with them. The Line 7 Tim Horton's/gas station in Oro is a dangerous location. The airport near Line 7 is going to get bigger. Trucks pull onto the highway with a coffee and the traffic slows. This intersection needs a boulevard to protect people coming south on Hwy 11. There will be fatalities with the trucks. We get lots of snow in the winter. The banks are high and when traffic pulls out of the Tim Hortons many cars can not see. Will the gov't fund a highway renovation at Hwy 11 in Oro. The paved roads are cracking with all the truck traffic from the trucks. Truckers are racing to find faster routes and the homes and subdivisions are expanding. School buses get pushed off the roads. Drivers are making many runs a day to the city with their loads. Winter driving slows things down but the pressure is on the drivers to race to the destination. We have many beautiful lakes. How will the quarries affect the water table? People in the country are on wells. The environment is affected by the mining of aggregates. Our well water gets used up and the natural filters are not there any more.