This happened the other day,…

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This happened the other day,

Dump truck took out the lights, crossed the highway and went into the building.…

It caused complete chaos in the village, the dump truck took out a Heritage Building (old blacksmith building ) built in 1883, or something like that. Probably one of the last buildings worth fighting for in the Village.

Anyway, when someone does a report like the one from the Ministry are they required to come out and access the area? Our Village is so overrun with traffic now, especially gravel trucks with all the pits in the area, and they are planning on opening more pits.

This accident happened on a work day, Hwy 10 is the main, and really only route down south from Shelborne, Dundalk, Orangeville and further points north, as well, points slightly east and west from Tottenham and Grand Valley, if they are going into the main Brampton core or onto the 410, for any points south of that

This accident caused a CHAOS! There was a secondary accident just north of the main accident, another accident involving Multiple vehicles trying to avoid the area, on Beechgrove, which is the side road just North of the Village. There were people speeding through the Village on the small residential roads as kids were going out to catch the buses for school. News helicopters were flying around the accident scene while the small craft planes were flying from the Brampton Airport, who were probably just looking at the accident scene and not noticing the helicopter hovering.

Anyway long story short, on any given day I can’t even get across Hwy 10 to get to the post office to retrieve my mail. There are generally gravel trucks blocking the driveway. We do not need any other pits in this area.

Any ideas who at the Ministry I could contact for a real solution to this problem?