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Hi, please see my comments below:

section 2.12.2 - coloured pipe for sewer laterals is not realistic, the 2 pipes used by municipalities and private owners are PVC (white) and ABS (black).
Also most sewer replacement projects do not include changing the laterals. Building code would also come into effect here. The only viable option I see here is to include an underground marking tape with new installs, like the red tape for buried hydro or the yellow tape for gas. Green tape could be utilized for sewer laterals.

section 2.12.5 - cleanouts at property line are very costly in already existing laterals. They are not a necessity at all, as most newer housing has a proper clean out inside the house. A clean out at property line is only good for the municipal side, you would have to put 2 cleanouts at property line (one going towards the road and one going towards the house) to achieve the same thing as an inside clean out can. Also, laterals can be inspected from the sewer main by way of camera truck and by internal clean out from a cctv unit. Highly recommend not making this mandatory but a recommendation if there is not a proper clean out inside the house/building.

section 5.8.3 - there will be instances where having laterals to catch basins minimum 250 mm is not achievable. Instances include, matching to current grade of a system, not enough cover, rock underneath lateral. This should be a recommendation to use 250 mm minimum wherever possible.

section 2.3.3 - plug services for pressure testing is almost impossible for an existing system. This is only achievable in a new subdivision where you can install and properly cap all laterals to property line, then do pressure test, then continue on with installation. Again, building code comes into effect here, as private side is regulated by building code. If you are only replacing the sewer main and reconnecting services, pressure testing will always be unsuccessful, there is not way to seal the system from the outside, and even inside in most older homes would be impossible as there is no access to the sewer laterals, you would have to cut into the sewer stack inside a property and most older pipe material like clay and Transite would have leaks at most joints if pressure tested. This would just be a nightmare and a very costly venture trying to achieve this.

thank you