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1. Similar to the Transfer of Review Program, if a municipality has additional works identified in Schedule A of their agreement, will these works still be agreed as ‘pre-approved works’ under the new Linear ECA program?

2. What mechanisms are in place to ensure if a Municipality allows a developers consultant to be a prescribed person, that the Municipality is still aware and approving the activity?

3. Form SW2 would require the municipality to confirm conditions are met and confirm capacity in the system is sufficient - Question: What are the requirements for capacity confirmation?

4. Will the SWM design ‘criteria’ be changed to ‘guidelines’ and will the Ministry make note that local Municipal guidelines will trump?

5. Will the Ministry revisit the proposed size of the pre-approved drainage area, as the <15ha will make most works ineligible for pre-approval.

6. Will annual inspection reports be required from the developer prior to assumption of the sewage works? Or is the municipality responsible as soon as the facility is built?