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1. Schedule A, Section 1.1: Can the Ministry provide a template of the Municipal Wastewater System Profile Information Form for review?

2. Schedule B, Section 1.2.2: Does this summary table need to be populated in the ECA for the a) Stormwater Collection System by Diameter and b) Stormwater Management Facilities by Type, if all current system information is available online (ArcGIS), accessible by the Ministry, and a summary can be produced at any time?

3. Schedule D, Section 1.1: Should definitions be added for “Third Pipe System” and for “uncommitted reserve capacity”, which is referenced in the Third Pipe System section?

4. Schedule D, Section 5.25: Is the City required to prepare a Manufactured Treatment Device Guideline for new oil-grit separator units, if one does not already exist?

5. Schedule E, Section 5.0: Can the Ministry provide a template Monitoring Plan for guidance?

6. Schedule F: Can the Ministry provide further guidance regarding the requirements for the Residue Management Systems and Activities direct submission to the Ministry? In particular, our City would like to include provisions for the dewatering and beneficial re-use of sediment dredged from SWM Facilities as pre-approved activities.

7. Appendix A: Please provide definition which clarifies the meaning of “recharge”. Does this refer to the volume or flow rate of infiltration into soil?


8. Section 2.1 (Lines 789-809): Storm sewers should undergo similar Inspections to those noted in this section. Can a storm sewer inspection section be added?

9. Section 2.4 (Lines 860-868): Storm sewers should undergo similar Deflection Testing. Can a storm sewer deflecting testing section be added?