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Region of Niagara staff have reviewed the draft ECA’s for the consolidated storm and sanitary sewer systems along with the draft design guidelines that were provided on the ERO site.

Generally the Region is supportive of moving to consolidated linear ECA’s for storm and sanitary systems to allow for pre authorized alterations and move low risk projects ahead more quickly, as well as the consolidation of the monitoring requirements into one document, supporting a more consistent set of operating conditions.

As a two tiered system there are concerns on developing agreements with the Local Municipalities on the checking of capacity’s in various collection systems and determining ownership of some assets in the existing system that may require some additional time when developing the overall ECA’s for the systems.

We have some general comments on the document that are noted below and detailed comments which have been included in the documents attached. We would like to thank you in advance for providing us the opportunity to provide comments and for consideration of the comments provided.

We look forward to continuing to work towards consolidated linear ECA’s for the sanitary and storm systems for the Niagara Region.

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