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Thank you for the opportunity to comment on ERO 019-2531 Changes to Ontario's Net Metering Regulation to Support Community-based Energy Systems

Tay Valley Township Council passed RESOLUTION #C-2020-11-07 on November 17, 2020. The resolution directed staff to express support for:

i) amending the Ontario Regulation 541/05 Net Metering to allow demonstration of community net metering projects;
ii) the potential for community net metering to enable small scale & distributed generation of electricity;
iii) access through community net metering for residents in Tay Valley who currently cannot sell power back to the Hydro One electrical grid due to Hydro’s infrastructure deficiencies;
iv) a diverse range of eligible communities so that smaller and remote communities can participate in the pilot projects; and
iv) allowing both commercial and non-profit entities to operate generation or storage and play a lead role in forming net metering community groups.

Tay Valley Council members had requested the province enable community net metering at a meeting with Minister Rickford at the AMO conference in 2019. The Township is, therefore, very supportive of the proposed community net metering pilot projects.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Township Planner, Noelle Reeve, at 613-267-5353 ext. 128.