I think there should be…


I think there should be oversight on anything the ministry directs IESO to do. There are many instances of IESO providing excellent advice that is simply ignored for perceived political gains; which have actually never materialized in any situation.
Directing OPA/IESO to do Feed-in-Tariffs instead of RFPs as suggested by OPA, was a disaster. Forcing IESO to "negotiate more deals with Quebec" after the very successful Capacity Swap agreement was secured has resulted in additional cost of hundreds of millions, all resulting because the Premiers enjoyed the good press associated with the initial (and actually beneficial) swap deal. And let's not forget the gas plants and the Ontario Fair Hydro plan.

IESO has some of the best experts in the sector, being paid to determine least-cost solutions. Why government consistently ignores their advice is beyond logic and reason. Governments all seem to think that there is some magic efficiency or new deal that can be made to immediately reduce electricity costs. The amount of meddling through Fair Hydro plan, Global Adjustment, and all these other "genius" government ideas has very obviously proved the opposite.
These are large public goods, and should be treated as such, not as a way to hide political programs or simply to make very near sighted "political gains" (again, I cannot recall a pure policy move in this sector that has EVER looked good for the government)