We are pleased to submit the…


We are pleased to submit the following commentary regarding the potential reformation of the Long-term Energy Planning Frameworks in Ontario. With a mandate to promote and advocate for higher energy and environmental performance in the built environment, our organization believes it is critical that whatever framework is established it must accommodate the prioritization of energy efficiency solutions – demand-side management as a priority.

There is much evidence that supports the concept that saving energy and resources – in this case, electricity and natural gas is a more cost effective solution for meeting our future energy requirements than supply side alternatives. Coupled with the obvious environmental and greenhouse gas reduction benefits, our organization also contends that investments in energy efficiency result in greater economic returns in the form of re-investment and job creation. Ontario already has significant knowledge and capacity to delivery cost effective energy efficiency. The various planning and regulatory authorities must be given the mandate to amplify and accelerate that capability so we can truly transform our energy sector.