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I fully support the proposed expansion of the Greenbelt.

Additionally, I do not support developments within designated Greenbelt areas.

I feel strongly that the Greenbelt should be extended into Brant County and the City of Brantford to protect existing agricultural land, which will be developed or in the near future under the Places to Grow Act. With fully two thirds of all food lost in production, processing, expediting, not sold or not eaten, with people in the world starving, with climate change becoming the norm and fresh water resources being gobbled up by industrial uses and development (paving over of wetlands, etc), all agricultural land in Southwestern Ontario should be protected and maintained as agricultural.

I also feel that should agricultural areas be converted to anything, it should be back to naturalized habitat as existed prior to settlement.

If anything, the Greenbelt should be expanded to include all of Southwestern Ontario.

Developments within designated Greenbelt should be constrained, the government should consider pursuing and promoting a circular economy - where resources are recycled and reused, in all areas, especially industrialized agriculture. Also the government should be promoting agricultural diversification.