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The Toronto Zoo fully supports the Ontario government's recovery goals for the Massasauga, Sistrurus catenatus, ( Carolinian and Great Lakes- St. Lawrence populations ) in Ontario. The need to implement population management actions, such as conservation translocations are required to increase the likelihood of maintaining the current regional distribution of the species in southern Ontario.
For decades the Toronto Zoo has worked with various partners to further Masssasauga recovery efforts. Our own outreach programs seek to educate the public and encourage interest in rattlesnake conservation. The Zoo is also active in conservation/research initiatives for Massasaugas in both Canada and the United States.
The Toronto Zoo supports and participates in the work being done by the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Program that aims to mitigate road mortality, habitat loss and persecution. Population augmentation provides the only hope for saving the remnant Ojibway population of Massasaugas and the Zoo has agreed to assist in that objective. We are committed helping Ontario achieve its stated Massasauga recovery goals.