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It is deeply concerning that the intention behind this evaluation is for the purpose of development. The decision making for this proposal is being made by those who are prioritizing housing without the scientific expertise- a short-sighted act that would create new housing with costs that will trickle down to the homeowners. What do you think happens to all the water in these wetlands once the areas are paved? They're not going to simply redirect around those areas, they will cause flooding issues, especially because there's less land that can retain the water. As someone who had to work with residents near high water tables and seen sump pumps overworking, basements and ROADS flooding, this will only amplify this matter.

If this rezoning will be made to turn these wetland areas to be developed, the provincial government should take charge in compensating the people who will live and work there for any damages and repairs that it'd take up, and not deflect the responsibilities to the municipal government.

And make a lobbying with retaliating threats to politicians illegal, this is just corruption with extra steps.