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Ojibway Prairie, Ojibway Shores, Ojibway Nature Centre -adjacent southern lands, Spring Garden, Black Oaks, Cameron Wood Lot, etc...are all areas that house the endangered species (reference Friends of Ojibway Prairie - Essex County Field Naturalists - Windsor Ontario submissions for full list) and are in desperate need of protection.

We can not stop the extinction of these species without the governments strongly written and supported laws that prohibit unregulated building of roads, subdivisions and cities without "green" planning - must specifically state the needs/spaces/support specifies to protect and cultivate species facing extinction. The Peregrine Falcon is a prime example of success. Carolinian Canada and World Wildlife Fund have teamed up to bring awareness to the severe problem of species reduction in Southern Ontario.

Windsor Essex has a unique pollution problem that the prevailing wind is a South Westerly - bringing with it the toxic air from oil refineries (Marathon Fuels), steel processing (Zug Island) and the toxic waste dumping for years in the Detroit River.

The Huron Church corridor sees 10,000 diesel trucks a day - with no air quality monitors or long term research being done by the University of Windsor!

"Policies that transcend Politics" are a global necessity! We must work together.

Form the "Ojibway Urban National Park" so we can plan to protect what little species are left and cultivate them for future generations.