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Please add this to the Ojibway Prairie Windsor Ontario related post regarding the Carolinian Canada and World Wildlife Fund efforts to restore species to our Ontario region. The loss of habitat and protection is going to cause extinction. Case in point - the Massasauga snake "a mere dozen in the wild" - Referencing:

"Carolinian population of Massasaugas, and specifically the need to implement population management actions such as rescuing this population using captive-reared animals. The wild population is down to a mere dozen individuals and will surely disappear without our help.
Here is the recovery goal (page 6): "The government’s goal for the recovery of Massasauga (Carolinian population) is to increase the likelihood of maintaining the current regional distribution of the species in southern Ontario. The government supports the continued investigation, evaluation and if appropriate, implementation of population management actions at the Ojibway Prairie Complex and the Wainfleet Bog subpopulations."

Please form the Ojibway Urban National Park - it is the only way to stop the urban sprawl and restore what little is left and protect it permanently.