Hi all The Massasauga could…

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Hi all

The Massasauga could use a little help from its friends.

The government of Ontario has issued a draft Government Response Statement (GRS) on the Massasauga recovery strategy for public consultation. The GRS outlines what actions from the recovery strategy the government will endorse and support. The GRS is very good and thorough but there is always the risk that the final version will be watered down if there is a lot of negative comments. If you care about the Massasauga please take a few minutes and submit a brief comment to the government. It does not need to be detailed.

Here is a sample submission, but personalized messages are always better than form letters. Please feel free to modify this submission to make it your own.

“ I believe a strong biodiverse environment which is important part of our natural heritage. The Massasauga is an important part of Ontario’s biodiversity. I want to make sure this species persists for future generations. I fully support the measures outlined in the draft Government Response Statement. In particular, I feel that more than just habitat protection will be needed to recover the Carolinian population. Population management, including re-introductions, will likely be necessary and I support the actions proposed in the Government Response Statement.”