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The Massasauga (Carolinian population) is a important species, that is need for population management actions that the Government of Ontario is able to offer under the Endangered species act. The Massasauga is an important species of Ontario, with relatively low public threat. Necessary conservation efforts from the government, based upon their legal bind to the endangered species act (2007), can rightfully fulfill strong commitments in protecting and recovering species at risk and their habitats. The ESA ensures that the government monitors and watches over what's left of Ontario's rich biodiversity.

As a previous employee of 'Wildlife Preservation Canada,' I had the privileged opportunity to support the population through habitat enhancement and mark-recapture surveys, for a 3 month period. Myself and many other people on the recovery team have spent a lot of effort and time in the Ojibway Prairie Complex, and the LaSalle Woods. It seems that government assistance is crucial for the Carolinian population to survive in the future, and I urge the consideration of future translocations, and population management actions.