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The proposed changes will negatively impact my family, my business and me. The Nation Rise Wind project has been highly conditionally approved in the Township of North Stormont to which my property abuts. One of the proposed turbines is just over 600 m from our dairy and heifer barns which house over 200 head of cattle. Our son, his wife, and their 3 young children (under the age of 5) live in the farm house a further 40 m away. Although Ontario setbacks are required to be a minimum of 550m, worldwide this has been proven to be inadequate. Furthermore it has been scientifically proven that like people, young and old, animals experience the same health issues caused by proximity to industrial wind turbines. This project was also approved using the higher noise limits which even the former Liberal government recognized as being dangerous to health.
I understand that ERO 013-4288 will remove the exemption from municipal control for new renewable energy projects going forward but retains them during the transition period proposed, HOWEVER, wind turbines should never have been allowed on prime agricultural lands as regulations did not require proponents to fully asses underlying geological factors including soils such as Leda clay, eskers and fragile aquifers (all of which are located in the Nation Rise project location). An assessment of longer term damage from industrial wind farms on prime agricultural lands is not properly considered e.g., access roads, crane pads, tons of cement in foundations etc. Prime agricultural land is dwindling but IS essential for food security and must be protected. No expansion of existing wind projects can be allowed to be built on Class 1, 2 or 3 prime agricultural lands.
ERO 013-4288 must be clarified and reposted in order for the people of Ontario to fully understand what is being proposed.
In summary without clarification of ERO 013-4288 an immediate moratorium be placed on all pre-construction renewable energy projects. Developers must be put on notice to not incur any additional expense. As promised by the present PC government, existing contracts are to be reviewed “line-by-line” for compliance and those in non-compliance to be cancelled. Also, to protect the people of Ontario presently and in the future living with industrial wind turbines, the Government of Ontario must establish guidelines that WILL protect the health, water and environment of Ontario.