My family, community and I…


My family, community and I are shocked and angry that the Prov Govt is suggesting weakening the Growth Plan for Ont.
Over 90 per cent of Ontarians strongly supporting protecting and growing the green belt. The plan was put in place to limit building to the urban space already zoned for building or otherwise available. There is enough space for building in urban areas for a long long time. And we will not stand by while green space is destroyed for buildings. We need the green space for food, health, well being, and to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Climate Change is the biggest crisis we have ever faced and Green space cannot be replaced. We need it now and in the future for our children and grandchildren.
What is more green space is good for the economy and well being of our country-- and does not have the tocxic effects of destroying it to build on. That is short sighted and pleases only the builders.
We need good governance that puts people and our future first.