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This shows leadership. Thanks very much.
most BMG renewable projects face capital, regulatory, or space limitation barriers, and I believe finalizing community net-metering regulations will remove all that. a few items to consider:

1- ensure sub-metering administration costs are as low as possible, otherwise it will defeat the "cost savings" part of the project. I have seen some submetering companies charge over $18/month, which is a lot for a household paying $50-100/month for electricity.

2- provide examples, so community members can understand how costs and savings, and also electricity rates/credits are allocated.

3- Allow for virtual net-metering for 3rd party DER developers to come in, manage the whole project, and allocate cost and savings under a fair and clear regulation

4- Energy storage is key to maximize the use of the electricity grid capacity (engineers know that systems operating near full capacity are the most efficient, so off-peak storage helps our grid more efficient which reduces generation costs). it also prevents curtailing other power plants to giving it essentially for free to NY and Quebec. Ontario energy storage systems are "made in Ontario".

5- Renewable DERs are cost effective, and in my opinion do not need "grants", so please refrain from giving those projects free money, rather providing innovative long-term, fixed-rate financing mechanisms to implement projects.

6- Allow for renewable electricity and thermal integration (basically allow for using off-peak electricity or renewable generated electricity to be used for thermal energy purposes (such as hydrogen, etc.).