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I have questions related to implementation of GB in Ontario.
- will the Federal Competition Act be a requirement for all parties to adhere too (Including Utilities) - Reducing existing red tape and exclusivity for GB and GB extensions that exists now in Ontario
- will Certification be performed by independent parties and will the certification allow for true interoperability for private industry - Which will greatly reduce red tape and costs
- Will the Utilities In Ontario still be allowed to use public funds to compete against private industry (such as they have since 2013 with GB). Which today is causing extensive red tape issues and delays in Ontario's digitization of Data for energy.
- will there be wall between Competitive and Non competitive business in the Utility. Which today is non existent, causing extensive Red tape and real Competition issues for private innovation in Ontario.
- will Utilities that work on GB still be allowed to take advantage of extensive competitive intelligence gained by being a utility to competing against private industry. Which today is causing Red tape for private innovation in Ontario,has caused extensive delays in digitization and caused businesses to close.
- If extensions to GB evolve to a technology (IT) requirement. It is no longer a policy to implement an open data standard (in itself will cause extensive red tape). Will Ontario have the right to (on its own) expand the Green Button Standard to include other data sets that are already needed in Ontario and not available in GB. Will GB in Ontario continue to have extensive red tape when it come to evolving without the need to go back to the GB standard which is fully owned and managed by the US Energy market.