The proposal under this…


The proposal under this notice to allow monies to be directed to a fund rather than action to protect species and restore them makes the process more indirect and cumbersome. Additionally, the authority being created to manage the habitat restoration is redundant: Conservation Authorities have the expertise to do this. It makes more sense to channel the funds to them. At several points, the proposal talks about moving features, plants and species. While some restoration is needed, it should not open the door to extirpation in one location on the basis that it can be, might be or even is being restored elsewhere. In fact, it seems like a huge act of hubris to imagine that habitat can be built and maintained where there is not a natural occurrence.

Blandings turtle populations are at risk, as the consultation suggests, but the exclusion of their rare northern habitat seems likely to eliminate them on the North Shore of Lake Huron. Similarly, though the consultation paper does suggest limiting the number of eggs removed from nests, and thus saved from predators while leaving some chance of survival after a natural birth, the number or rather percentage is not stated. Scientists must have been available to tell you what is an appropriate number.

Please also note that again on the topic of Blandings turtles, I wonder why this work is not given to Conservation Authorities. I am aware of at least one with an incredible suggest rate at hatchings.