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I support this review and reform to the OMB. I don't understand why Ontario or any municipality bothers to hire City Planners if their recommendations and advice are overturned by the OMB at every opportunity. City Planners are hired to make the best decisions for the community, and time and time again, the OMB decides to overturn these decisions so that developers can profit. This is destroying communities. It's a waste of everyone's time and money, and the people that lose out are the people in communities. It is also ridiculous that the OMB is able to OVERRULE good land use planning and limits to sprawl (i.e. the case in Waterloo, ON). Fear of losing at the OMB resulted in this most recent example of development being pushed through (http://mikelayton.to/proposed-settlement-for-65-grand-magazine) explicitly against zoning permissions. Please take power away from the OMB, and empower City Planners to make decisions that benefit communities, not developers.

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