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This is a short sighted and selfish proposal. The Greenbelt / Oak Ridges Moraine were originally set aside and protected as they are extremely ecologically sensitive and important land. Removing essential sections of this important region would destroy much of its ecological value for short term gain. Even if new areas are added this will not fix the huge amount of environmental harm done by destroying these heritage sites. It would additionally push already threatened species such as coyotes into suburban or urban areas, negatively affecting people living there, their pets, and the species themselves.

The housing crisis should be addressed with increased density in areas which already contain the infrastructure necessary to support this number of people. The Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine should NOT be sacrificed for a few thousand homes and money in developers pockets when we already have physical space and infrastructure for these people elsewhere.

The Ontario government knows how valuable the Oak Ridges Moraine is and it is disgusting that they are willing to destroy such important land for what is, at best, a futile attempt to fix a problem that could be addressed in other ways, and at worst, a corrupt attempt to put money in the pockets of their friends.