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Please do not touch in any way the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation area or Plan in the context of development, and don't change the regulated area of the greenbelt. This government promised and RAN ON A PLATFORM of not to developing the greenbelt.... remember? I don't think I need to add supporting links or documentation to state that as fact.

As an aside, in the same week as Halloween, and with the 18 (or whatever super high number) of other proposals up to remove authority from CAs, make wetlands more well as the overreach with the use of the notwithstanding act, my kids at home, the idiotic fight to the summons to show up in Ottawa, your non-democratic overriding of a democratic decision on the Hamilton municipal boundary, and the adjacent proposals to get rid of prime agricultural areas.... this is all just too much to comment on. Every one of these proposals should get at least twice as much time for comment.