Strike Copper Corp. - Mineral exploration permit

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Type d'acte: Mineral exploration permit

Numéro du REO
Numéro de référence du ministère
Type d'avis
Mining Act, R.S.O. 1990
Affiché par
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry
Étape de l'avis
Proposition affichée
Période de consultation
Du 6 juin 2022 au 6 juillet 2022 (30 jours) Fermé
Dernière mise à jour

Cette consultation a eu lieu :

du 6 juin 2022
au 6 juillet 2022

Résumé de la proposition

The Ministry is proposing to issue a permit to Strike Copper Corp. to undertake early exploration activities. The location of the activities is Powell Lake Area.

Détails de l'emplacement

Détails de l'emplacement du site

The mining activities are located approximately 110 kilometres west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in Powell Lake Area, District of Thunder Bay, North West Region.

Claim numbers instructions: To view individual claims on a map please use the Mining Lands Administration System. Click on “I want to…” and select “Find a claim” to search by claim numbers or “Find a township” to search by township.

Claim numbers: 108245, 108246, 113999, 114000, 124325, 126144, 126145, 130593, 130637, 136934, 138159, 140119, 140860, 141792, 141793, 141794, 142480, 143655, 146561,146584, 147210, 150819, 150820, 160750, 161444, 162591, 166082, 168723, 172737, 172738, 180887, 180888, 182164, 186837, 186981, 189037, 189038, 190160, 190161, 190162, 192642, 192872, 192994, 193751, 194403, 194484, 194730, 195213, 195345, 201606, 201731, 210699, 213391, 213392, 218049, 218050, 218051, 226143, 226847, 234645, 237705, 242356, 254134, 256384, 256581, 256916, 261323, 265796, 268688, 274447, 285975, 285976, 290700, 291539, 292843, 294729, 302354, 302845, 304958, 304959, 306482, 308604, 308869, 309206, 309698, 311774, 312901, 315248, 315605, 315681, 319528, 319529, 320285, 327891, 328737, 332110, 341599, 341600, 342516, 344381

Carte de l'emplacement du site

L'épingle de localisation correspond à la zone approximative où a lieu l’activité environnementale.

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Strike Copper Corp.
777 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1S4

Détails de la proposition

Strike Copper Corp. has submitted an application to the ministry for an exploration permit as required under the Mining Act for prescribed early exploration activities.

The activities that this permit would allow Strike Copper Corp. to carry out are as follows: (only keep those activities that apply to the application)

Plan activities:

  • geophysical survey requiring generator type

Permit activities:

  • mechanized drilling (assembled weight greater than 150 kilograms)
  • mechanized stripping (greater than 100 square metres in 200 metre radius)
  • pitting and trenching of bedrock (greater than 3 cubic metres in 200 metre radius)

Non-prescribed activities:

  • ground geophysical surveys without a generator (GS)
  • exploration camps (CC)

Number of people in camp: 4

Number of camps: 1

  • trails (TS)
  • land sample less than 1 cubic metres (LS)

The potential disturbance from the activities are described as:

Mechanized Surface Stripping: uses heavy equipment to remove vegetation and soil (overburden) from bedrock. The potential environmental disturbance includes (but are not limited to): use of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, excavators or forest harvest equipment, to remove soil from the bedrock, washing the bedrock by pumping water from nearby lakes, rivers or streams, and creation of access trails.

Pitting and Trenching: are conducted to gain a greater visual understanding of the rock. The potential environmental disturbance includes (but is not limited to): the removal of surface soil, exposed rock as well as excavation or blasting of rock leaving shallow holes or trenches that vary in depth and length from the use of heavy equipment.

Drilling: provides rock samples from below the surface. Testing the samples determines the properties of the soil and rocks, including mineral and metal content. Potential environmental disturbances include (but are not limited to): clearing surface terrain for “drill pads” (small areas cleared for drill rigs and/or helicopters), installing casings (hollow steel pipes called the collar), and pumping water from a sump, nearby lakes, rivers or streams.

Geophysical Survey Requiring Generator Type: the activity consists of line-cutting, using hand tools only. Potential disturbances include clearing out underbrush to establish a grid in order to temporarily lay wire lines used to record geophysical measurements. In light underbrush there is likely little or no brushing. This is a one-time exercise and unless the underbrush is continually cleared, it will typically regenerate within the same or next growing season.

Proponents are required to follow provincial standards for early exploration to minimize the impacts to public health, safety and the environment from early exploration activities described above. You can find the standards in the Activities Information Sheets or on the Ministry website under Mining Act Policies, Standards and Directives (see links in “Related links” section).

This notice is provided to receive comments that can be considered in the decision-making process prior to the issuance of an exploration permit.

An Exploration Permit does not relieve the proponent from compliance with any other requirements that are set out under the Mining Act or any other Act. All activities included in the Exploration Permit proposal must be carried out in compliance with Ontario Regulation 308/12 and the Provincial Standards for Early Exploration. The Exploration Permit duration will be up to 3 years with the possibility of renewal.

Documents justificatifs

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Mineral Development Office (Thunder Bay)

435 James Street South
Suite B002
Thunder Bay, ON
P7E 6E3

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La consultation est maintenant terminée.

La période de consultation a eu lieu du 6 juin 2022
au 6 juillet 2022

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