Fisheries Management Zone 11 Management Plan

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Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997
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February 13, 2019

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January 23, 2019
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Proposal summary

We are proposing management objectives and strategies to help maintain the fisheries within Zone 11. The fisheries management plan will help promote ecological sustainability and evaluate the effectiveness of management objectives and performance indicators.

Proposal details

The intent of the ecological framework for recreational fisheries management is to enhance the efficiency of provincial fisheries management. The framework proposes to increase the scope of provincial fisheries monitoring and management, by assessing aquatic resources at larger spatial scales known as Fisheries Management Zones. This approach to management will optimize social, cultural and economic opportunities and values derived through the sustainable use of aquatic resources across fisheries management zones. This system will also enhance public input and involvement in the fisheries management planning process across the province by providing formal opportunities for public review and feedback. For example, fisheries management advisory councils have been established for each zone, and include representation from First Nations communities, resource users and stakeholders, as well as the scientific community.

The intent of these councils is to help the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry identify specific management direction and develop objectives for the sustainable use of fisheries resources. This new system will help the Ministry to better address fisheries concerns, evaluate the effectiveness of management actions and address other resource management issues on a fisheries management zone basis.

Fisheries management zone 11 is primarily within the Ministry’s administrative district of North Bay, with some portions falling within the boundaries of Pembroke, Parry Sound, Kirkland Lake and Sudbury districts. The fisheries resources of zone 11 experience high pressure from a wide group of resource users, including commercial tourist operators, resident anglers and non-resident anglers and conservation groups. These resources provide important recreational, economic and cultural opportunities to communities within the zone. Prominent sports fish species within zone 11 include Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Muskellunge.

The Ministry, in co-operation with the Fisheries management zone 11 advisory council, have developed a range of fisheries management objectives and strategies, which will be specific to maintaining fisheries within the unique ecological and social features of zone 11. These objectives and strategies form the basis of the draft fisheries management plan which is being presented to the public for review prior to preparation of a final plan.

The information collected during the planning process for the fisheries management zone 11, fisheries management plan will be used by the public, the private sector, municipalities and government agencies to help guide future management of fisheries and aquatic resources to ensure the sustainability of the aquatic ecosystems in zone 11.

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The comment period was from January 23, 2019
to March 11, 2019

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