Draft Northern Ontario Transportation Plan

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December 10, 2020 - March 10, 2021 (90 days) Closed
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December 10, 2020
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Proposal summary

The draft Northern Transportation Plan addresses transportation challenges and opportunities by setting out over 60 short-term actions and long-term strategies to keep goods and people moving and to address the unique needs of the region.

Proposal details

Northern Ontario’s transportation network is made up of roads, winter roads, rail, air and waterways that connect people to jobs, services and tourist destinations across the region. Reliable and sustainable infrastructure also supports economic development in Northern Ontario.

This Draft Northern Ontario Transportation Plan (the plan) serves as a guide to help build a modern and sustainable transportation system for people in the North. It contains actions that will connect communities, provide safer and more reliable travel options and unlock economic potential in the North. The plan sets out a vision and immediate actions to build a safe, efficient and connected transportation network. It includes more than 60 actions that will keep people and goods moving, improve travel for people in remote and Far North communities, including remote First Nation communities, and promote economic development in Northern Ontario.

Our plan for Northern Ontario contains over 60 actions organized under six goals to support our transportation vision:

  1. Getting people moving and connecting communities
  2. Enabling economic opportunities
  3. Keeping people safe and providing reliable transportation options
  4. Preparing for the future
  5. Maintaining a sustainable transportation system
  6. Reliable travel options for remote and Far North communities

Achieving these goals will help build a better transportation system for Northern Ontario as the province recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy reopens.The actions listed under each goal represent a step towards achieving the vision for the North. They are intended to support citizens and businesses in optimizing the existing transportation system while creating a better transportation system now and for the future.

This draft plan is a living document that will be updated regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the people of Northern Ontario. We are committed to working closely with the federal government, municipalities, Indigenous peoples, communities and organizations, transportation agencies and local businesses to gather feedback, explore strategies to implement actions in the plan and identify new opportunities for improvement. That is why we are inviting everyone to participate in this process by sharing their feedback of the plan with us.

We look forward to working together on a shared vision for northern Ontario’s transportation network.

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The comment period was from December 10, 2020
to March 10, 2021

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