Appeal of The Corporation of the City of Guelph - Certificate of property use

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Appeal summary

Sherwood Forest Investments (Guelph) Ltd. is seeking leave to appeal under section 38 of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993.

Appeal details

This decision resulted in 2 applications for leave to appeal.

See the other leave to appeal notice.

This notice is given by the applicant in accordance with section 47 of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993. The notice was prepared by the appellant and represents its position. It does not represent or reflect the views of the Government of Ontario, nor does the Government of Ontario make any representations about the accuracy of the content of this notice.

The decision relates to issuance by the Director, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, of a Certificate of Property Use # 7073-C7NLHC issued April 20, 2022 for property owned by the City of Guelph located at 200 Beverley Street, Guelph.

Grounds for appeal

The Certificate of Property Use imposes certain monitoring and contingency measure obligations on the City of Guelph which may negatively impact adjacent property. The applicant seeks leave on the basis that s. 41 of the Environmental Bill of Rights test for leave is met, specifically in relation to the absence of appropriate risk management measures to address actual or potential risk of contamination migration from the City Property.

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